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Bora Property Albania

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Work Code

Having accumulated work experience at the real estate market (sale, rent, construction) we have developed a clear concept of customer relationship. The main principle of our work is an efficient service of our clients from the first call or receipt of the first e-mail.

Our relationship with the client is based on two principles: correct execution of all transactions and trust.

Our lawyer, notary and translators prepare all the necessary documents in the field of real estate.

If you decide to acquire a commercial area, the notary and translators can execute all the documents required to start your future business.

We offer our clients not only real estate. We organize for our clients trips all around the country, so that the future buyer could understand this country better and could compare not only cities between each other, but such a country as Albania with neighboring countries or European ones.

Before your trip we will show you the real estate units and answer your questions concerning the purchase or trip.

We arrange your individual trip not only to purchase the real estate. In the airport you will be met by our representative who will be responsible for organization of your tour. The tour is described in detail in the “support agreement” or in the section called “Real Estate Tour”. 

Also, we provide you with official “support agreement” fully governing the relationship between our company and you.

To download the agreement click this link

If you have any questions arising in connection with the support agreement, please, feel free to contact our lawyer.

You will have our support in any moment and in relation to any question.

Corporate History

Our company has been working in the real estate market since 2007. Since then we have serviced and continue now to provide services to our clients from different countries of the world. The most our clients and buyers of Albanian real estates are from Russia, England, Italy and Norway.

The main areas of our company’s business are sale and management of real estate, advising on issues of purchase and investment into Albanian real estate, support of purchase and sale, visa support and real estate tours. We offer a full package of services related to real estate purchase – from selection of the real estate unit to receipt of the Ownership Certificate – the document certifying your title to the real estate.

We cooperate with the largest and most reliable Albanian and foreign developers and thoroughly check the units offered for sale combining the criteria of investment attractiveness and minimal risks. All our real estate units meet the highest requirements to construction quality, legal implementation of transactions and investment profitability.


  • Skilled professional employees
  • Extensive database of the real estate units
  • Free inspection of the real estate
  • Free advising on real estate purchase in Albania
  • We work exclusively with reliable partners on the territory of Albania

Our Partners

Our main partners are local and foreign companies engaged in construction

Well-known European countries engaged in car renting (Euro car, we have a cooperation agreement with this company)

Hotels (Villa Hotel in Albania)

Restaurants in Albania (Millennium Restaurant in Tirana)