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An unrivalled opportunity is provided to you on our site — adding property items together with their photos. And this is your decided advantage. Due to this opportunity potential clients will be able to find on the site and visually evaluate the features and peculiarities of posted items. The property selection and purchase procedure is simplified accordingly.

The data is subject to regular supplementation, update, as well as correction. That is why anyone has a chance to view all property items in Greece, Montenegro and Albania not only in cities and the capital, but also along the state coast. The items are equally accessible for English and Russian speaking customers.

Private (natural persons) or entities (development companies and others) can send prepared detailed information on one or another property item to

All received information is previously checked by the moderator. If the check is successfully passed, the advertisement will be registered in the database and added to the respective page of our site called “Common Property Database”.

So, we have provided access to this service for everyone in order to essentially simplify the search of the clients concerned, interaction with them, and make it more convenient for site visitors who wish to find the required property items quickly.

We believe that the resources of our Internet site will be useful in real estate advertising and search. You can forward all comments, wishes, proposals, as well as information concerning site functional to