Albania: cities
  • Tirana

    Tirana is the capital of Albania and the main cultural, economic and political center of the state. If you to the country by air, your acquaintance with Albania will be started in Tirana.

  • Dhermi

    The city occupies the southern part of Albania. It is located in the most beautiful area of the Albanian Riviera. It made itself snug on the shore of the Ionian Sea at the foot of the Acrocenarsk Mountains. It takes only 30 minutes to get from Vlora to Dhermi by car.

  • Vlora

    The city occupies the south-west of the country, the northern part of the Ionian and the southern part of the Adriatic coasts. It is situated at the distance of 130 kilometers from Tirana as well as Mother Theresa International Airport. It is 72 kilometers far from Italy and 123 kilometers far from Greece.

  • Durres

    This city is related to the most important towns of the state. In terms of importance and size, it is the second city in Albania after its capital. It is not only one of the most ancient cities of Albania, but the whole Europe.

  • Kavaja

    The city occupies the western part of the state near Durres, Tirana and is just five kilometers from the Adriatic coast.

  • Pogradec

    The city occupies the southeast of Albania. It is 140 kilometers far from the capital. It borders with Macedonia. Pogradec nestles on the shore of famous Lake Ohrid famous for its exciting landscapes and pure water.

  • Himara

    Himara is located in the south-west of the country, to the south from Nivitsa village and to the north from Logara passage. The length of this area is 50 kilometers and the width is 10 kilometers. The west-eastern part of the city is washed by the Ionian Sea.

  • Shengjin

    Shengjin is located at the distance of 7 kilometers from historical city of Lezha which is situated in the north-western part of Albania, 50 kilometers far from Mother Theresa Airport and 55 kilometers from the border of Montenegro.

  • Saranda

    The city occupies the south-east of Albania. It is located on the shore of the Ionian Sea, 26 kilometers far from the border of Greece, opposite its island called Corfu.