Saranda is one of the largest settlements of the Albanian Riviera and the main tourist resort area of the country.

The city occupies the south-east of Albania. It is located on the shore of the Ionian Sea, 26 kilometers far from the border of Greece, opposite its island called Corfu.


Nature and Climate

Like in many other resort areas of the country there is a mild Mediterranean climate in Saranda. There are more than 300 sunny days a year. In summer, the temperature rarely crosses the scale mark of 30 degrees during the day, but at night the sea breeze brings a pleasant coolness.


History and Sightseeing

Previously this city was called Onchesmus. The first settlers who were representatives of Kaon Illyrian tribes gave that name to the city. In his works great philosopher and poet Cicero told about that city as a cozy harbor with tender winds. The bay of Saranda provides the city with a special charm thanks to its picturesque views which can be seen from the sea.

Judging from the mosaics found during the archeological excavations, we can say that the city was the cultural center of this region in the 2nd and 3d centuries after Christ.

There are ruins of Burint, the most ancient city, near Saranda. They are considered the most important archeological finding in the country and were included in the UNESCO list of the world heritage. Also there is a natural spring.

Also, there is a very ancient city called Finich near Saranda. According to Edwin Jacques, previously there was the largest Acropolis which was seven times larger than the Acropolis in Athens.


Five reasons to visit Saranda:

  • To visit Butrint which is 20 kilometers far from the city and is considered an incredibly beautiful place.

  • To walk in the mountains, to dedicate a few days to unforgettable rest on the beach on the shore of the Ionian Sea.

  • To enjoy a marvelous view of Saranda bay and to go yachting.

  • To visit Finich, the most ancient settlement, as well as the largest Acropolis in Europe.

  • To enjoy the luxury and comfort of Saranda hotel complexes as well as fabulous local hospitality.