Albania: Culture

Albania is famous for special traditions of good manners which characterize the folk following them. They are closely related to the terms HOSPITALITY and GUEST who is like a saint visitor known to readers of Homer and classical literature. Together with appearance of new traditions of behavior, in many areas even the youth continues to observe the ancient traditions. The Albanians are amiable and open with foreigners visiting their country.

If you are going to visit an Albanian home you will be treated like a king. The house owner will show his respect having offered you to sit at the head of the house or table. The best food will be offered to a guest. Usually they offer the traditional drink called Rakia which the residents make themselves. When meeting a friend the Albanians usually shake hands and the most cases kiss each other on the cheeks four times. The difficulties usually arise with understanding of the affirmation and negation gestures which are controversial to the generally accepted ones.

The gesture denoting “yeas” means “no” for the Albanians, and vice versa. The hand put on the chest means gratitude. A slight slap on the shoulder is a wish of luck.

Clothes in Albania are the same as in other European countries. In summer period they were practically the same clothes. Very seldom somebody sunbathes topless or naked on the beach. Certainly, there are enough places to sunbathe naked far from the human eyes.