Complex Deneko

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To the sea:
300 m.

To the city center:
400 m.

from € 24 200
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+355 66 20 16661

about the city

The city occupies the south-west of the country, the northern part of the Ionian and the southern part of the Adriatic coasts. It is situated at the distance of 130 kilometers from Tirana as well as Mother Theresa International Airport. It is 72 kilometers far from Italy and 123 kilometers far from Greece.

Our company offers a new property in the city of Vlora.

Complex "Deneko" is in a very quiet place away from noise and close enough to the sea.

From windows and balconies of the complex offer beautiful views of the mountains, olive groves and the sea.

Works in all apartments are made accurately.

The cost of meters from 550 euros

The cost of apartments from 24,200 Euros

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