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Houses in Albania

The cities of Tirana, Durrës, Vlora, Korça, Elbasan, Gjirokastra and Saranda are becoming popular among tourists who visit the country. Here you can find a house in Albania that you may want to buy or rent. If you make your mind to purchase an Albania house you may need to fund it with a mortgage or home loan. Some real estate agencies can propose pretty nice mortgage deals to help you buy a house in Albania.

If you are among the investors who search for a house for sale in Albania in order to use it as an Albania house for rent then again you can use a mortgage to fund your purchase. In case you are going to buy two or more Albanian houses the mortgage conditions may be even more attractive, provided you will make your purchase via one and the same real estate agent. The rental income from premises of Albanian houses may be even above your expectations, and the prices for homes in Albania in some places are quite affordable.

The following example demonstrates the average current situation in the real estate Albanian market. There is currently a house for sale in Albania located in Sarande, a city in Vlore region. The house is described as a 2/3 storey old townhouse located in the centre of the city, 330 square meters per floor, being a perfect reconstruction project either for a stylish apartment house or commercial use. The price for the property is 330,000 Euros. If you manage to reduce the price for this sample of Albanian homes you will make an attractive purchase.