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about the city

The city occupies the southern part of Albania. It is located in the most beautiful area of the Albanian Riviera. It made itself snug on the shore of the Ionian Sea at the foot of the Acrocenarsk Mountains. It takes only 30 minutes to get from Vlora to Dhermi by car.


In the last two years Albania has begun to develop the luxury housing market. The first luxury apartment complexes started to appear in Dhermi, which is the most prestigious area on the Albania’s coast.
We are delighted to present you the “Olive Terrace”, the first luxury apartment complex in Albania.
According to experts, investing in this place, whose beauty and climate equal to those of high-priced resorts of Italia, France or Greece, is one of the best opportunities for you.
Project Description
The complex consists of:
- 5 villas with three floors each. The total size of the 2+1 apartment located on the ground floor of villa is 90-105 m2. The ground floor apartments have a spacious open courtyard in front of the villa. The size of duplex apartments situated on the first and the second floor equals to 150-167 m2 correspondingly. The first floor apartment has a courtyard behind the villa. All villas look out over the sea.
- 2 buildings with three floors each, with 6 apartments located in each of the buildings.
Ground floor apartments 2+1
First floor apartments 2+1 и 1+1
Second floor studio apartments from 45 m2, and 2+1 apartments sized to 155 m2.
A swimming pool sized at 130 m2. The swimming pool is going to be constructed in the centre of the complex.
Open air parking lots for owners of villas and apartments in the complex.
Price per m2:
Ground floor apartments 2+1 in villas – 1,400 €/m2
First and second floor duplex apartments – 1,300 €/m2
Apartment section:
Ground floor apartments – 1,200 €/m2
First floor apartments – 1,000 €/m2
Second floor apartments – 1,100 €/m2
Way of payment:
30% at the time of signing the contract
30% frame
30% plastering works
10% at the moment of completion
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