• Please, tell me, what conditions are there in Albania for living with small children? The main points of interest are the sea and meals. Are there properly equipped beaches for small children? Our child is five years old. Is it possible to rent an apartme

    Certainly, you can go to Albania with children. All conditions for living there with children are provided. Relatively speaking, Albania is considered to be the country suitable exactly for family vacation – there are many castles, various fortresses (Butrinti, Gjirokastra, Berati Museum City), children will be excited to see them.

    There are amusement rides, water parks, children’s playgrounds and infrastructure in general designed for children in Saranda, Duressa and Vlera resorts.

    The Albanian cuisine is balanced and nourishing. It consists of fresh seafood, vegetable salads, olive oil, natural sweets… It is tasty and healthful for children.

    Of course, the rental rates are different. For example, the rent of a studio in Vlera 20 meters from the sea for a month will not exceed 450 Euro.

  • Our friends bought an apartment in Albania. They told us that, though this country is fabulous, with wonderful virgin beaches, few European countries provide direct flights there. Please, tell me, what is the cheapest and most convenient way to get to Tir

    The direct flights are made from the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, and Greece. You can go with transshipment through these countries by different air companies, for example Alitalia (with transshipment in Milan or Rome), Turkish Airlines (with transshipment in Istanbul), Malev (with transshipment in Budapest), Lufthansa, Austrian... There are many of them. Every year new direct flights from other countries are added. You can find them “here”.


    Inside the country you can rent a car (our company will deliver the car directly to Mother Teresa International Airport in Tirana) – it is very convenient to travel by car in the country. The cameras and policemen with sensor are on all main highways, the maximal permitted speed is 90 kilometers per hour.

    You will be able to see the most beautiful views of the sea if you go from the north to the south from Shengjin (the border with Montenegro) to Butrinti or Saranda (the Greek border). You will be able see why the Adriatic Sea differs from the Ionian Sea as well as to choose a place for your second home in the Mediterranean region.

    In principle, you can travel by public transport – by busses, route taxis, and taxi. The fare is much cheaper than in other European countries.

  • Hello! Recently we have bought in your agency an apartment with a view to the sea, not far from Durresa, with furniture, so that we could live in it immediately after purchase. We have friends who want to buy an apartment too. But they want an apartment i

    We are very glad that you liked your new apartment. Yes, we provide such services. You can control all types of work performed in your apartment, from development of three-dimensional models of furniture and up to arrangement and installation of furniture and appliances. If the building is being constructed, you can make alterations in the floor plan.

    Thus, you will come on vacation when the apartment will be ready for accommodation.

     The cost of such service depends on the floor area of the apartment and your preferences. All the furniture is manufactured to order at very pleasing prices and the quality corresponds to that provided in the best European showrooms.

  • Hello! Can I live in Albania permanently if I buy a real estate? What shall I do for it? I am a pensioner, but I can prove my economic independence.

    Having registered a real estate as your ownership, you will be entitled to gain a multiple visa for up to one year, and you will have the right to stay in the country not more than 6 months within that year. These rules are applicable in all countries of the European Union, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Albania. Besides, in summer the visa regime with Russia and the Ukraine is cancelled according to the order of Albanian government.

    If you want to live in Albania permanently, you can receive D visa in the Albanian embassy in Moscow, it will take about 3-4 days. Then, having arrived in Albania, you can file the documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to obtain a residence permit.

    For this purpose you shall have an original of the ownership certificate and an account in one of Albanian banks with the amount provided by the law.

    First, you will receive a residence permit for one year, than for two years, and having lived in the country for five years, you can obtain a permanent residence permit.

  • What are the prices for the secondary housing in Albania?

    The cheapest housing is on the coast of Albania may be found in any city on the shore on the third of fourth line, it is not more than 150 meters from the sea. The prices for such housing vary from 400 Euro per square meter up to 600 Euro per square meter. Closer to the sea, the prices vary from 650 Euro per square meter up to 850 Euro per square meter. Currently, the prices for square meters on the coast of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas are the lowest in Europe.

  • Please, tell me, how to distinguish between the real estate brokers working directly with the developers and the intermediary agents?

    Ask the real estate broker to show you photos of the rooms, corridors, washrooms and lavatories, a copy of the building permit etc.

    By the way, according to the promptness of the request fulfillment you can determine how quickly you will receive statements from the developer’s bank of payments and photos of the works and improvements made in your apartment in future.

  • What is the average price for a square meter in Albania by the sea? There are no data on the total floor area and it is not clear whether the so called “total floor area” is included in price, like in any other country.

    Yes, the so called “common area” is included in the apartment cost. The average cost of housing depends on many factors – district infrastructure, distance from the sea, type, degree of readiness … even the developer’s origin and perspectives can be taken into account. It is like in any other country.

    The general average price range on the first line is from 600 up to 850 Euro per square meter, but even in one house the cost of apartments on different floor or from different building sides may vary.

  • What single and annual taxes shall a foreign citizen pay to buy a real estate in Albania?

    A foreign buyer purchasing a property has the same rights as a citizen of Albania does. No taxes are paid when buying a real estate except for the notary’s fee which does not exceed 200 Euro. In Tirana an annual municipal tax in the amount of 20 Euro shall be paid. There is no such a tax in other cities, but the draft of annual tax introduction in the amount of 1 Euro per each square meter is being discussed.

    For legal entities engaged in commercial activities the profit tax is equal to 10%, if the profit is gained from real estate leasing.

  • Why are apartments cheaper in Bulgaria, than in Albania? In fact, Bulgaria is a more developed country and included in the European Union already?

    It shall be noted that the houses in small settlements located far from the sea and infrastructure are often offered for sale in Bulgaria. The reason is that the territory of Bulgaria is much larger than the territory of Albania is. Therefore, the territory of Albania is denser. In fact, such apartments may be purchased at a very low price.

    At the same time, a real estate with convenient location and beautiful view costs more expensive. In particular, the objects on the shore with comparable comfort level in Bulgaria cost two or even three times more expensive than in Albania.

  • Neighboring Turkey and Greece attract much more tourists than Albania. Could you tell me about perspectives of the country development? Is it worthwhile the buy a real estate for spending vacations and living in it in future?

    Albania is nearly the only country in Europe where the virgin beaches have been preserved. Earlier, the main problem of tourist complex development was a very poor infrastructure. Almost 80% of the coastline has not been developed. After 2002, the government invested sufficient funds in development, trying to escape the mistakes made in Montenegro and Croatia. Construction of an international airport has been competed in Tirana. One more airport is going to be built in Saranda. Active construction of tourist complexes is being performed. The most part of the main highways of the country has been constructed. The flow of foreign tourists grows up by 20% per year in average.

    It is better to purchase real estate in new complexes on the first line for the purpose of making investments and gaining a high rent.

  • How much do the public services cost in average?

    First of all, it is necessary to note that there is no hot water supply in Albania. You pay for cold water (about 10 Euro per month) and for electricity consumed by the boiler. As for electricity you have to pay 7 leks per kilowatt per month and 12 leks per kilowatt after 300 kilowatts per month.

    By the way, like in many European countries there is a tax on TV set in Albania about 5 Euro per year, and you will have to pay it even if you don’t have a TV set.

  • In what cases is it necessary to establish a company in Albania?

    You must establish a company if you are going to buy agricultural lands or to do business as well as to finance the real estate purchase by a mortgage loan. 

  • Is it possible to get a mortgage credit in Albania?

    Yes, mortgage housing credits are available for non-residents of Albania. The largest local banks are managed by European giants: Raiffeisen, Piraeus Bank Group, Credit Agricole, Societe Generale. These banks offer competitive mortgage credits with the payment terms from one year up to 20 years.

  • Where shall be the sales agreement certified?

    The sales agreement shall be certified by a notary. Such an agreement shall be prepared by a notary, lawyer, attorney, legal advisor or by the parties. The Albanian law does not provide any strict rules or restrictions in this relation. If the sales agreement is not prepared by a lawyer, the notary is liable for all the conditions specified in the agreement. Our firm has its own lawyer and provides a full set of services to real estate purchases in Albania, such as audit of the documents, translation, preparation of contracts, tax consultations etc. 

  • Does the notary check the transaction purity?

    The notary is liable for verification of the initial certificate of title to the real estate issued by ZRPP (Real Estate Registration Office), the second name of this authority is Mortgage. According to the law, a notary is obliged to check the entire history of the real estate preceding preparation of the sales agreement – the final document signed by the seller and buyer.

  • Is joint ownership permitted in Albania?

    Yes, it is. The joint venture is a form of ownership when two or more persons acquire real estate jointly and wish to devise their share to persons which are not the joint owners. Such form of ownership is called “joint residence”.

  • Is there a capital transfer tax in Albania?

    There is no capital transfer tax in Albania.

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