Investment Albania

Year by year Albania opens up new vistas for investors, steadily leading to proper financial dedication and full implementation of plans. It seems as if the most profitable investments were those supporting the following spheres: power economy, business, tourism, construction (both for touristic and commercial purposes).

So, why are the investments into Albania so popular? Primarily because the state is developing rapidly and there is a great potential in the majority of spheres. As of today, the government of the country has also provided all conditions for advantageous conduct of business. The most important one is abatement in fees for the above activity.

Another significant advantage is the fact that there are virtually no risks for investors in Albania. The state is distinguished by its developing economy and steady policy. As is known, the country is going to join the European Community, and it means that the government does its best to fulfill the necessary conditions: to eliminate economic machinations, corrupt practices and many other negative factors.

Tourism is the main direction to go for many investors. It can be explained by the fact that this branch is the most profitable for Albania. Moreover, investments to the tourism sector are also expedient due to its rapid development.

Investments to the power industry are also rather advantageous. Since liberal policy has started to prevail in the state, Albany may soon turn into energy producing state. And the plans like this are based on the fact that over 400 new hydroelectric power plants are to be constructed in the state in the measurable future. Hydroelectric power plants are good investment objects. Because there are plenty of water resources in Albania to be used for power production.

Investments into construction are also rather advantageous. Primarily it is conditioned by constant real estate and land property appreciation together with low cost of construction works and land. There are also experienced, qualified, yet at the same time cheap human resources in the country. And favorable climatic conditions are the main basis for construction.

Due to the rapid development of the tourism sector, there is a constant demand for real estate of different types. Finished real estate items can be not only sold but rented out on beneficial terms. Because the demand for houses and apartments during the tourist season is always high.

Speaking about construction, it ought to be remarked that not only construction of touristic facilities is deemed profitable. Considerable income may be obtained from investment to construction of commercial real estate. Thus, pursuant to experts’ data, the cost of commercial real estate is constantly growing, and much faster than the cost of other property. Commercial property will yield profit anyway, whether it is used for private business or let. Low tax, no administrative and bureaucratic hindrances in Albania - all these conditions constitute a good basis for business development.

Today we can help you to establish a company in the territory of the country, the primary focus of which would be investing into various branches of Albanian economy. We will help you with company registration and licensing procedure, and provide the rest of necessary legal services whenever required.

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