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  • Penthouse at
    € 80 000

    For sale luxurious penthouse in Albania at "Sole 2" complex, the cheapest of its category for only 80 000€

  • € 53 300

    The complex consists of three houses, with a large own territory which is 24 hours guarded. Very good sandy beaches rich in iodine and crystal clear water of Adriatic Sea in Albania.

  • Shengjin at
    € 49 627

    Comfortable apartment for sale in Albania at "Lisus" complex in Shengjin. Shengjin is a small quiet town laying in the Adriatic Sea in north Albania. It is situated only 60 km to Tirana, "Nene Tereza" International Airport and close to other important cities like Durres and Shkodra.

  • € 47 450

    Shengjin is well known for its crisp mountain air, magnificent pine forest and pristine Adriatic beaches. Our company offers new apartments in Albania facing Adriatic sea.

  • € 40 500

    Adriatic Riviera road will be ready soon and it will make it easier to reach Velipoje, another beautiful town with amazing sandy beaches and restaurants which offer fresh fish and other seafood in cheap prices comparing to other touristic attractions.

  • Apartments for sale
    € 39 676

    Apartment for sale in Shengjin, a quiet touristic town in north Albania. Easily reachable, only 60 km from Tirana and "Nene Tereza" International Airport of Tirana. Large sandy beaches in Adriatic Sea.

  • Lisus Residence in Shengjin
    € 24 745

    Apartments for sale in Shengjin, a small town situated in north of Albania, where you will find Adriatic sea's crystal clear water and pine forest.

  • Apartment Sole
    from € 27 300

    Best sandy beaches for ideal family vacations, especially with children

  • Apartment Sole 2
    from € 33 000

    So close to Montenegro, so different in prices.