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Apartments in Albania

Apartments In Albania

Are you looking for a place unspoiled by massive tourism? It is no need to spend much money on extremely expensive air tickets to reach some isolated island lost in the ocean. You can find wonderful pristine beaches surrounded by spectacular mountains in the very heart of Europe. Albania, an enigmatical country unknown to the majority of foreign visitors, has been gaining the tourist popularity.

Once visited the country you will want to visit it again. Perhaps it is the time to acquire some property as the prices are lower in comparison with other countries of the area. If you have no intention to buy expensive villas on the beachfront or houses in the cities you may be interested in purchasing an apartment in Albania.

There are various apartments for sale in Albania. You can buy either used but renovated one, or you can choose from a wide range of newly built, equipped with modern facilities and furnished Albania apartments.  Some of the accommodations are not built yet, so the price level for such apartments in Albania is considerably lower, therefore this apartment in Albania can be quite affordable.

For example, there are currently available newly built residential houses offering apartments for sale in Albania. The houses are located in Vlora region, 90% of their Albania apartments overlooking the sea. The price for 1 bedroom apartment varies between 38,000 and 69,000 Euros that counts around 700 Euros per square meter.