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villas in Albania

Albania, a sunny country on the Adriatic and Ionian coasts, is becoming more and more popular among foreign tourists who are going to spend their summer holiday on a pristine beach surrounded by picturesque forests and olive groves. Due to peculiarities of the country’s history the tourists rarely visited Albania, for that reason the most beautiful coastal landscapes have remained generally untouched by the tourists overflow like it may sometimes be observed in the neighboring countries.

Following the tourists’ interests in the country, local rental agencies now started to propose various Albania villas to meet all tastes. Among most popular places where villas in Albania can be rented are those located along the Ionian and southern Adriatic coasts. The villa Albania can be either newly designed or already existed but renovated.

If you are going to spend your holiday in Albania on a regular basis you may want to buy a villa Albania or to rent it for a long period of time. In general popular Albania villas are of around 100-150 square meters, located on or near the seacoast and preferably overlooking the sea. The purchase prices are between 1200-1800 Euros per square meter, the average rental prices are 210-225 Euros per week, in some cases the price rises up to 700 Euros per week.