1. Real Estate Renting in Albania
  2. Furnishing of Apartments in Albania
  3. Car rental in Albania
  4. Excursions to Albania
  5. Transfer and Taxi in Albania

Real Estate Renting in Albania

Purchase of the real estate abroad is the most profitable type of investments. In particular, we can say it about southern resort countries with a regular tourist flow. Besides, according to the analysts, the real estate in the developing states may be rather profitable too, as high prices are typical of such regions.

Albania is just that country which meets the above mentioned requirements. It belongs to the category of rapidly developing states the resort areas of which attract a large number of tourists every year. Thus, their number increases by 10% annually. It is a direct explanation of the interest in Albanian real estate as well as the investments in this field. The annual price growth ratio for real estate in this country is equal to 15-20%.

Purchase of real estate in this country is a guaranteed profit. There is no direct dependence on the price level for real estate because, even if its cost drops down it will be always suitable for leasing. Albania has a considerable potential the tourist field which is constantly developing, providing services of the European quality. The riches of local nature attract both the amateurs of active rest and admirers of hasteless and peaceful rest on the coastal beaches. The conditions and climatic features of the country coast do not differ from any other Mediterranean resorts, but the cost of living here is much cheaper.

We will help you to lease your real estate and to receive stable and high revenue, as we have a rather large-scale client base.

For more detailed information concerning Albanian real estate leasing, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail:

Furnishing of Apartments in Albania

Everyone who decides to purchase an apartment in a foreign state understands that buying of the real estate is only half the battle. Much effort and time is required to transform an uninhabited space with bare walls into a cozy home or a comfortable office meeting the declared requirements and taste preferences. It often happens that a person facing the problem of apartment furnishing lacks time for adequate arrangement of the residential space or implementation of his own ideas.

But it is not about our clients, as we take care about their comfort providing the services of full furnishing of the apartment in Albania.

If you decide to do furnishing of your apartment using your own efforts, we can provide you with our specialist, who will help you to find an excellent design solution, select appropriate furnishing elements and provide all necessary assistance as well.

If you are too busy to find time for coming here, we can render you the services of your home furnishing. Our designer and architect in one will prepare a 3D plan of your apartment, taking into account all your preferences, will develop a thought-out concept and organize the process of apartment furnishing. You will discuss all details with this specialist starting with general issues and ending with selection of particular furniture. Then you will receive a detailed 2D model, including each unit of furniture.

We will do our best to make your home functional, beautiful and comfortable. We will release you from the process of furniture buying and acceptance, its arrangement as well as further cleaning of the residential space. Our specialists will do it for you having brought to life all your wishes and having furnished your apartment just for one week.

The only thing you have to do is to move into ready-for-life apartment and enjoy it.

The cost of furnishing service is about 10-15% of the furniture price.

Certainly, you will have warranties – the agreement signed prior to rendering our services.

To examine the text of the agreement you may send a request to our e-mail:

Car Rental in Albania

Albania is a state which is not familiar for Russian tourists. It is an unexplored country, full of enigmas, with numerous intact and secret places, such as mysterious caverns, marvelous mountains, impetuous mountain rivers, waterfalls, and picturesque coasts.

Thus, the best way to get acquainted with Albania is to make a trip by car.

What are the benefits of such trip? You will not face the common transport problems making a trip by stuffy route taxi. You will not have to follow your guide, to worry that you will lose your group or excursion bus. Driving the car you will feel free and peacefully, you will not have to hurry when visiting new places, you will be able to plan your route making it unforgettable, interesting, and full of variety and beauty. Your wishes will not depend on the bus route any more. The distinctive feature of Albanian nature is its surprising variety. Thus, marvelous landscapes are changed by powerful aiquilles located near cozy and warm beaches. You can see it with your own eyes having survived an entire range of feelings brought by the nature of this area.

Our company provides car rental for all tourists wishing to dive into the charm of local nature travelling by car. We cooperate with world European companies and provide a huge range of cars. So, you will always be able to select the car meeting your requirements at a good price.

We will fill your rest with incredible comfort. Besides car rental, we will give you free advice concerning the places to visit and the most convenient route to them.

Also, we will tell you about the best places for overnight accommodation and tasty meals. We will give you a map of Albanian roads for free.

You can order car rental by phone or e-mail

We will prepare a rent agreement in your native language. You can make payment by the way which is most convenient for you – by credit card or in cash.

Excursions to Albania

More and more travelers visit this country, full of unknown, enigmas and secrets, every year. In 2004, 350 thousand tourists visited that state. In 210, this indicator increased up to 3.5 million and it continues to grow in current year. Why does Albania attract so many tourists?

It is a splendiferous state with pleasant and very mild climate. It is washed by waters of two tender seas – the Ionian and Atlantic Seas. Nature of Albania is very fancy and comprehensive. There are sandy and shingle beaches, alpine meadows, majestic mountain masses, pines and palms, calm lakes and rapid rivers. Among the lakes, the most remarkable is Lake Ohrid surrounded by mountains and forests. It is not only one of the most ancient lakes in the Balkans, but the deepest one in Europe.

There are many hotels and tourist complexes in Albania. They offer the service level meeting the European quality level. Every tourist can diversify his or her resort rest by cultural program, as besides the charming nature this country is famous for its architectural and historical places of interest. There are many ancient towns, castles, medieval fortresses which were included in the UNESCO list of world heritage attractions as well as the monuments constructed by the Romans and Greeks.

Also, it is the best chance to get acquainted with traditions and incredibly rich cultural heritage of Albania which was given the name of “the last enigma of Europe”, to feel friendly attitude to the tourists and absolute hospitality of the locals, to try delicious dishes of the local cuisine as well as rakia and vines.

Our professional guides provide excursion services in the state in any language which client likes: English, Russian, Italian, German, and French.

For detailed information about excursions in the country feel free to contact us by phone: or e-mail:

Transfer and Taxi in Albania

Our company provides the services of taxi. It may be a group or individual transfer to any city of Greece, Albania or Montenegro.

Our company is the only firm of the kind providing its clients with services in Russian.

Our personnel consist of highly qualified drivers giving a rich work experience. Thus, we can guarantee a reliable and operative transfer from the airport in Tirana to the hotel you have chosen. We use the cars of any class for transfer of our clients. Also, we offer transfer to local places of interest or to any city of Montenegro, Albania and Greece.

Our car park consists only of operable comfortable cars equipped with air conditioners.

We offer excellent cars and the most favorable prices for transfers. For further information about transfer to Albania, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail