Wood houses in Albania

Wood houses in Albania


Our company having pleasure to present the first project of wood houses in Albania.

We consider this project a unique one. Our company has many years’ experience in the property market in Albania. So far, we have offered and focusing in the main house of bricks. Taking into account the development of Albania as a purely ecological country, we decided to be pioneers in the market and bring to the market a new idea, the first construction of wooden houses in Albania.

Price starts from 209 euros per sq.m. Project cost may change depending on the number of houses, quality or places where this houses will be built. Such wood houses are suitable as a shelter in a time of year, such as beach houses, tourist places, etc.

Constructed entirely of solid wood. The cost of meters depends on the type of work and area.
For the construction of wooden houses using the latest European technology (Austrian, German and Italian).

Our company is ready to build a project for you that we have in the database or develop a project for you individually. The cost of the project - six euros per square meter (In the case of the order of wooden houses through our company, we will refund your full cost of the draft).

The peculiarity of our wooden houses is that they are very compact. If you want to put this house in another place 90% of the wooden house structure is movable. On our website in the category  "lands for sale in albania" you can easily find plots of land where you can build a wooden house in Albania. Plots can be purchased or rented for a long time.

If you are interested into, have your ecological wood house in Albania or you would like  to do business on the coast of Albania or in the Albanian mountains, we have for you a detailed business plan.