EU Contacted by Neighbouring Nations for Better Integration

Europe stands in a region with many neighbouring nations and most of those countries are too small to function without the help of other nations. With Europe’s strength as a nation and because it is mainly one of the most important countries in the area, they are viewed as a leader and a country which can provide help to these other smaller nations. In consequence, some of the smaller nations which surround the European United have decided to send a letter to the EU in hope of getting their approval for an extra helping hand. Their main goal with this letter is to integrate the surrounding countries with the European United without actually becoming part of the same country. This would function as a sort of alliance between these countries and would allow them to work as one nation while still having their own independence and unique laws.

The three nations which have worked together to make this letter of integration possible are Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. Greece has actually been in contact with Albania as well in the recent months in order to do the same sort of thing. They have come to an agreement within their contacts and have both agreed that it would be beneficial for the two of them to increase their means of travel from Greece to Albania. This will increase the tourist rates and bring in more profits for both nations. One of the ways that they have made this possible is by creating an easier way to travel from one country to the other by ferry. This will be put into effect next year and should increase their nation’s value as well as make it easier and more enjoyable for tourists to travel there which is an excellent thing for the two countries. The same sort of ordeal is what Bulgaria, Greece and Romania are trying to accomplish with the European United.

These countries which fall under the Western Balkan region have sent the letter of integration to the following two people who are responsible for making this possible; Stefan Fule, the European United’s Enlargement Commissioner and Johannes Hahn, the Policy Commissioner. This letter of integration was sent on Thursday, October 13th and a response should be given soon enough. The timing could not be any better because the European United released a progress report the day before this letter was sent.

One of the objectives of this letter is to fulfill the membership criteria within these nations. The second goal of this letter is to allow more opportunities for projects in the European regions. These projects could be worked upon with the help of all of these nations which could make it easier and faster to produce results. The third objective and final goal of this letter of integration is to make it easier for cooperating across these borders. This is mainly to help with buildings, increasing the ease of energy distribution among these countries to make it cheaper as well as lowering crime rates in these regions. A response to this letter will be discussed within the following weeks.