Montenegro: Climate

Montenegrin climate is difficult to refer to a certain type, as the geographic location of the state and relief of the terrain determined various climatic zones in one or another region. There are three climatic zones in Montenegro.

A great influence on climate is produced by the characteristics of local terrains. Thus, near the Adriatic Sea there is Mediterranean climate, and the central parts are subject to continental weather impacts. Dinarski ridge protects the center of Montenegro against sea winds, however, it does not allow moving of the Mediterranean climate inland.

Climatic zones of the country are the following:

Mountain climate

Mountain mass starts near the Moracha, Komarnika and Piva rivers running to the east and north. The mountains are interchanged with cavities. Their average height above sea level is 1,900 meters. There is alpine climate in the mountains providing not very hot summer and cold winter abandon of precipitation. At the Adriatic coast snow is not an exotic event, and in the mountains it thaws very slowly. Sometimes it can lie for the whole year.

Onshore climate

This climatic zone is located along the Adriatic Sea, staring in the west from Hertzog-Novi and till the Boyan river mouth in the east. This zone is separated from the center of the country with the mountains with average height above sea level 1,700 meters. This special feature protects the continental zone of the country against sea impact. In the coastal belt, the average temperature in summer is 22-26ºC. The climate in this zone is very mild, therefore, summer is dry and winter is short.

Continental climate

The continental climatic zone is concentrated in such district as Zetska Bielopavlicka. It conditions the temperature, in the middle of summer – within the range of 23-24ºC. The absolute maximal temperature here may be 40ºC.

The peak of tourist season in the country is in July – August. The season is opened in the middle of May and closed in September – middle of October. The average air and water temperature in the tourist season is within the range of 19-22ºC in May – October and 29-30ºC in July – august. In May-October the water warms up to 16-18 degrees, and in the middle of the season – up to 26ºC.