Montenegro: Culture

Orthodoxy and Islam, West and East, abstractionism and Baroque, Gothic and Roman styles served as the basis for forming of internal and external faces of the Montenegrin culture.

The nature of foreign relations, society development led to formation of that cultural environment with the main place of its expression in Kotor city. Its graceful and majestic churches, public structures and houses, fortress survived up to the present moment. They were included in UNESCO list of monuments of the world heritage.

Also, future generations can draw many cognitive lessons from the mosques which inherited the Islam traditions, for example, Bolyanich Hussein-pashi located in Plevla, as well as the secular structures: House of landowner Redzhepagish, monasterial complexes of the country: Piva monastery, Moracha, Ostrog monastery filled with canons of Byzantine painting and pictorial art.

It shall be noted that modern works of the outstanding artists are delightful for judges of this kind of art. Thus, the most famous modern masters are Milo Milunovich, Peter Lubarda, Branko Phillipovich-Filo, Dado Dzhurich, and Vovo Stanich. Works of these outstanding masters of the brush are presented not only in the museums of the country, but in many galleries of the world.

The end of the nineteenth century was marked with a real triumph of Montenegro Theater. Performances on foreign and local authors gathered full halls of five theaters in the country. Upon completion of the Second World War, peculiarities of Yugoslavian cinema culture were traced in the theater arts of the state.

Today, one can get acquainted with cultural heritage of the country by going on interesting excursions to ancient cities or by visiting many historical museums located on the territory of Montenegro.

Speaking about hospitality of the local residents, it is characterized by its stability and exceptionality. Tourists are met with a special warm attitude in any house and even in a street café. Kindness of heart and warm atmosphere endear everyone. The native residents are distinguished by kindness and benevolence. Waiting for a guest every Montenegrin opens the gate and door of his or her house wide.

Guests are offered only tasty and delicate meals and excellent drinks. The visitors are offered the best place both at the table and in the house. Each owner of the house always tries to create such atmosphere for a tourist which will make them feel like at home.